Lady Antebellum “owns” the show


By Stacy Zia West

If you aren’t the kind of person that enjoys a “hoedown throw down” but can still stomach an original country melody, you may want to get your hands on music trio Lady Antebellum‘s latest offering We Own The Night.

The Nashville trio composed of Hillary Scott (on lead and background vocals), Charles Kelley (lead vocals and guitar) and Dave Haywood (guitar, piano, mandolin and background vocals) first arrived onto the country music scene in 2007 with their self-titled debut album which marked the rebirth of fresh country-pop fusion. The band however exploded onto the airwaves in January 2010 with the release of Need You Now, and which earned the trio six Grammy awards and became the second highest selling album of 2010.

     We Own The Night released on 13 September 2011, has something for everyone. Both the die-hard country fanatic and the hopeless romantic (with a preference for the sappy stuff) will find something to love in this musical treat.

The musical fundi with an ear for languid harmonies will particularly enjoy We Owned The Night and Dancing Away With My Heart which embody the archetypal relaxed and feel-good Lady Antebellum style. However, avoid listening to these tracks more than once to prevent the delicate synchronisations from spoiling and becoming monotonous.

Friday Night is a playful tongue-in-the-cheek pop mix with a rock edge. With lyrics like “wanna be your Friday night sweet ride…summertime sunshine, barefoot in the moonlight” the listener will quickly find themselves on their feet, gyrating and dancing as if they were reckless and newly-in love all over again. Apart from the occasional dance number the album is predominantly a stripped-down acoustic set relying heavily on the group’s many ballads to give the album body and soul.

   The contribution Just a Kiss is a show stopper and one of the more popular tracks, debuting at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and selling over 211 000 copies in its opening week. The song renders anxiety of a budding romance shrouded in caution. Destiny hangs in the balance as Scott and Kelley utter, “You just might be the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

The novelty and innovation of the music produced by Lady Antebellum stems from the alchemy of lead female and male vocals uncharacteristic of any other country group. The velvet in Scott’s voice is a great accompaniment with Kelley’s raspy tone. The vocals are evenly divided this time around, a revitalising change from the Kelley-dominated Need You Now. The album is definitely set to follow in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, or as the lyrics in Friday Night suggest, “we can rock together…let the good times roll forever…fill our cup, make a memory… drink it up”.

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