KELLY FINALLY MAKES A HIT! (( Kelly Rowland, Kelly, Destiny?s Child, Here I am, Motivation, Lil Wayne, Commander, Lay it on me))


By: Katlego Ramagaga

Former  Destiny?s Child beauty Kelly Rowland has had it tough trying to make it solo with two failed attempts after the super powerful band recorded their last album  and her lurking in Beyonce?s shadow but now she brings us her third solo project  Here I am which seems like she might be able to redeem herself and finally shine in her own spotlight. The album filled with hit making producers such as Darkchild, Star Gate and Tricky Stewart shows a more flirty but edgy approach to her music.  This lovely Rnb artist definitely shows us what she is capable of in this album.
Her first track  I?m that Chick  produced by Tricky Stewart  an upbeat  girl empowerment track which shows that her confidence levels have shot up enormously with her saying … I?m not cocky I just love myself…   a  side we hardly see which is refreshing as we are used to her as the sweet, innocent song bird.
 Work it man ft Lil Playy is a good track  but does not quite reach its full potential as u feel as though there is something missing leaving you wanting more after the song is over,  if more work could have been put into it we could see a number 1 hit.
Her two chart topping hits  Motivation ft Lil Wayne and  Lay it on Me ft Big Sean definitely put the album out there and made people want to listen to what this sexy songstress had to say. With the lyrics showing a more sexual and less serious side to Rowland with the beats of  Lay it on Me getting everyone on the dance floor makes it a good song for a Friday night out.
  Keep it between us ruins the whole dynamic of the album by being the only slow jam in the album and by talking about love about people who are in a relationship  when throughout the album she talks about her independence as a single lady.
One of the highlights of the album must be  Commander with David Guetta showing that if she were to go into pop music she would be bigger then she is now.
This album shows a more mature Kelly and very different from her sweet side which now reveals her sexy, sensual, fun and playful side. This album is definitely a step in the right direction, if she could work on a few more pop songs she might have found her calling. It might be her best work to date but there is still more from Kelly for the world to hear.

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