Joyous Celebration 15

By: Gcina Namhla Sebe
A South African gospel group, Joyous celebration has 15 albums. They release an album each and every year. Their last released album is joyous celebration 15. They have two parts for this album. Joyous celebration took to the stage on December 17 and 18 to record what promises to be another phenomenal album, joyous celebration, which marks their 15th year milestone. This took place at the ICC Durban Arena
Aptly titled ?Praise Goes to Hollywood?, music from this album is written and composed by members and crew of the joyous celebration. It features an electric mix of Zouk, Latin and local sounds, but still maintains the joyous celebration signature.
While they wanted to remain true to their traditional sound, they felt moved by the idea of infusing other influences in order to keep Joyous celebration fresh and the number on urban gospel project.
 Joyous celebration 15 part 1, includes uplifting songs, among them I will praise Him, ushilo njalo, Bophela ke wean and many more. Also there are highly talented and experienced lead singers, among them Jabu Hlongwane, Nobathembu Mabeka, Patrick Durican and in this album they made sore that the Joyous celebration only outdoes its previous efforts.
Joyous celebration 15 part 2 was released in July 2011 on CD and DVD, ensuring that fans of the amazing group are treated twice this year (2011).
When Joyous celebration was recording this album, they made sure that none of their loyal supporters would be turned away by a sold out sign by staging two memorabile and most exhilarating shows.
The reason of doing two parts in this album is because they wanted to record 40 spiritual songs, and this is unusual to them. This is the first time here in South Africa, a music group or a solo artist has taken this step.
In this album, Joyous celebration signed new voices which they discovered during their national tour. Also they are featuring one of South Africa?s brightest young talents, a 10-year old drummer who is being groomed by Joyous celebration. This was a very big surprise to the audience that night. In their live performance for this album they also had another surprise for the audience because they had a new sponsor for their choir.
Basically this album does not only accommodate blacks only, even other races are being accommodated by this album. Their aim is to spread the word of God by singing. 

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