Jack Parow in jou Moeder se Huis

By Cindy Archilies


Jack Parow Album Cover (Musical Mover)

Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow was born Zan der Tyler twenty-eight years ago. Tyler who hails from Parow in Cape Town got the inspiration for his stage name whilst watching Pirates of the Caribbean. ?Fuck Jack Sparrow the pirate of the Caribbean. I?m Jack Parow, pirate of the caravan park? said Parow.

Parow, who has been rapping for the past nine years, started out rapping with crews from the Cape Flats. He had his breakthough in 2009 when he collaborated with Die Heuwels Fantasties on the song Die Vraagstuk. Parow released his first EP in December 2009. It featured 10 songs as well as 6 music videos. The EP was released on 600 USB flash drives shaped as ice-cream cones.

released his self-titled full length debut album in April 2010. In two weeks it reached gold status as well as topped the Musica and Look and Listen stores best sellers charts. By February 2011 the album had reached platinum status.

The album begins on a high note with ?
Ek Wens Jy Was Myne? which is a collaboration between Parow and rapper JR. The introductory song starts off as a ballad but is quickly transformed into a fast upbeat track.

The album is filled with foul language, wit and brutal honesty.
Parow may come across as slightly arrogant in tracks such as ?Hiershynou? and ?Feite? but he also shows a more thoughtful side when reminiscing about his hometown in ?Byellville? and ?TussenStasies?.

The album?s first single ?Cooler as
Ekke? stands out and is Parow?s self-proclaimed favourite. ?It?s a track about everyone who think they are so cool, you know the vibe, those guys and girls who look like they stepped right out of one of those Hip magazines? he explains.

Parow is not for the fainthearted as he tosses around profanities like used cigarette butts. However his raw edge and brass language becomes slightly addictive as you listen to hear to what extreme he is willing to push.

Beyers of Huisgenoot has said ?The rapper?s lyrics are so funny on the album that you want to SMS them to your friends immediately?.

Leaders in the Afrikaans rap genre include
Brasse van die Kaapand Jitsvinger. Parow differs from these artists because of his authentic Afrikaans rap. Parow says he is inspired by the conversation of drunken people and his favourite rapper is Eminem.

Parow’s Video for Cooler as Ekke (Youtube: Die Heuwels)


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