It is a Cole World

Album Review
28 October 2011

It is a Cole World
Jermaine Lamarr Cole or J Cole as he is known to his fans recently released his debut album Cole World: The sideline story. The album was released on the 27 September 2011 by the record label Roc Nation and distributed by Sony Music. I for one being more of an RnB fan was skeptical about reviewing this album, especially because Hip Hop artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross etc sing about sex, women, money and weed and personally I feel like for this reason Hip Hop is not only overrated, degrading to women but is also rude due to the language used by most of these Hip Hop artists.

This album however felt different, even as I listened to it I felt like there was something different about it, something different about Cole?s approach. Maybe it?s the fact that although he does talk about sex, women and money and of course curses like a sailor, he also tackles issues like unwanted pregnancy and relationships. One of the songs that spoke to me before I even saw the music video was ?Lost Ones?. This song approaches unwanted pregnancy from both the male and female perspective. This is a song that will leave anyone who listens to it thinking very hard about the choices they make.

Then you get tracks that deal with relationships and romance, tracks like ?Nothing lasts forever? which talks about how hard it is to end a relationship and how even though you tried your best the relationship has now reached the end. However my absolute favorite track of the whole album is ?In the Morning? featuring Drake, the beat to this song makes you want to move not only your toes, but every part of your body. The combination of these two artists is just amazing.

He has also collaborated with Jay-Z, whom he calls his mentor, on the song ?Mr. Nice Watch? which will be a breath of fresh air for Jay-Z fans.

I think I would be doing J Cole fans an injustice if I did not mention the track ?Dollar and a Dream III? which is a must listen for people with ambition, passion and drive, people who have big dreams and are willing to work hard for them.
I really enjoyed this album. It gave me hope for Hip Hop?s future.

Sony Music
2. Nothing Lasts forever

4. Dollar and a dream III

Lil Wayne
6. Rick Ross

8. Mr Nice Watch

(The video to Lost Ones.. Very touching)
(A picture of J Cole)


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