Incubus: Still Self-discovering Adolescents


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By Nicole Rodel

 Incubus released a new album on 12 July 2011 titled If Not Now, When? and it is the band’s first recorded album since Light Grenades in 2006.  Although some fans will not appreciate the change of genre in the band it is only expected that artists will grow and turn their style around after making music for just less than two decades.

If Not Now, When? lacks Incubus’ usually driving and edgier tracks but lead singer  Brandon Boyd did warn fans that the new album is nothing like their previous work.  Despite fans’ objections, anyone listening to Incubus albums can see how the music progresses as the band members have moved from one point in their lives to another over the last twenty years.

After recording the solo albumThe Wild Trapeze in 2010, Boyd returned to the band with improved singing skills, giving the album a much more refined sound than has been previously heard.  However the usually clever and philosophical lyrics are sometimes hard to find in the new release.  Some of the songs’ lyrics, such as Friends and Lovers seem too cliched and are almost forced.  This is a small issue and is only seen in one or two of the tracks and this let down is always compensated by Mike Einziger’s brilliant guitar work throughout the new album.

Incubus fans should not be put off by the fact that the band’s style has changed slightly, as a few tracks on the new album resemble those of previous years.  In the second half of In Company of Wolves the old Incubus shines through, as well as in the first released single of the album, Adolescents.  These tracks showcase the darker side of Incubus and will satisfy fans who are desperate to hear some excellent guitar solos and heavier drum work.

Although Incubus has turned themselves around, all of the tracks on If Not Now, When?; are listenable.  The first track of the album, If Not Now, When?, as well as Isadore, Switchblade and others have received mountains of positive feedback from avid fans.  Listbers can view how the group has progressively grown through their twenty years of fame and are still not afraid to test their fans by trying something a little different.

If Not Now, When? presents Incubus at a stage of self-discovery.  Although the album takes a couple listens to get used to it, the new eleven track album is definitely worth buying.


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