?I?ll shine,? said Zahara…

By Khubalo Mpofu


And yes she is shining and she is yet to be a shooting star. Zahara
Mkutukane[1], is a simple easy going yet dazzling African acoustic
guitarist[2] from the Eastern Cape has truly become somewhat
absolutely astonishing in the music industry.?? With he debut album
entitled ?Loliwe[3]? meaning train, and to be honest this
beautiful train is going places really fast.

This spectacular album was released on August 29th, 2011, making waves
all over Southern Africa. She was an opening act for Chante Moore on
Sunday at the M1 Studios at the SABC in Auckland Park, Johannesburg
the day before her album came out, people received this young
beautiful bird with such grace, they creamed for more with every new
song she gave them. Even though she was an unknown artist to the
crowd, it felt like she had been blessing them with her swift afro
soul lyrics for years.

I am a true fan of Afro-soul and every time I listen to her album, I
find myself floating amongst the stars, dancing with the clouds and
smiling at the sun. Her lyrics hit home and every track deserves to be
put on ?repeat?. My favourite tracks would be the cover track
?Loliwe?, a track filled with African drums called ?iRhaki?
and a stunning love story of a lost love, ?Incwadi encane’. This
album is surely a one to have to all those afro-jazz/afro sou[4]l
lovers out there.

We do though hope with this kind of talent and captivating voice she
won?t become a typical one hit wonder but will grow into this
industry true African diva such as Judith Sephuma[5], Siphokazi[6] and
the likes of Simphiwe Dana[1].

Go out and get this album, you won?t regret it!

[1] https://www.facebook.com/people/Zahara-Mkutukane/100002292110459
[2] http://www.elijahwald.com/afcds.html
[3] http://mp3skull.com/mp3/zahara_loliwe.html
[4] http://www.5sm.co.za/superstars_afro.htm
[5] http://www.tvsa.co.za/actorprofile.asp?actorID=9300
[6] http://www.music.org.za/artist.asp?id=242

[1] http://www.music.org.za/artist.asp?id=223

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