I still love you Boris!


by Fiona Christensen

For those of you who have never heard of the quirky American indie band,Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, more commonly known as SSLYBY. It consists of Will Knauer, Philip Dickey, John Robert Cardwell and Jonathan James from Springfield, Missouri and they are an indie-pop/alternative rock band named after the first popularly announced Russian president, Boris Yeltsin. They first started after high school and released a couple of EP?s with a few friends. Whilst on tour with Catfish Haven, they met a representative with Polyvinyl Record Co. and got themselves a record label that lead to their further international success.

This year on 18 October 2011, the band released their album,Tape Club. This album is the third official album in what seems to be their annual release of albums, following the success of the 2010 album, Let It Sway, and at first listen, it does not seem to disappoint, living up to my high expectations of the band.
With a whopping 26 songs, four of which are demo?s, scepticism crept in at the quality of the music produced and the monotony that might be induced through listening to 26 songs by the same artist. I was pleasantly proven wrong as each song has its own unique melody and rhythm yet still maintaining the touch of the Yeltsin feel.
Songs to look out for are New Day, Yellow Missing Signs, Coming Through and the demo, Back in the Saddle. New Day brings a lovely chilled atmosphere that the band is known for and Yellow Missing Signs brings in the electro, stepped-up tempo that makes them the versatile band they are, swinging the tone of the album right around.
However, the album is not all sunshine and rainbows, there are a couple of songs that did miss the mark and fell short of the usual easy listening and enjoyable music that SSLYBY normally brings. When listening, perhaps skip Song 1000 which starts off well and then just becomes a cacophony of noise and annoyance and Bigger Than Yr Yard might also be a song to skip with its rough sound and monotonous tone.
Generally however, following on from the success of their previous album releases, Tape Club pulls through as a success of an album for the unknown band that they are. It would definitely be worth the money spent. Perhaps even throw in a maroon vinyl record and a fashionable t-shirt whilst you are at it.

Credit to AnneElephantManatee for the video.
Credit to Dentoneer for the picture.


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