Great things come to those who wait



By Robyn Wertheim

Lil Wayne Carter IV album cover taken from

Tha Carter IV was released after many delays on 29 August 2011.
Wayne provides his audience with an opportunity to get picked up and taken with the whirl wind that is Tha Carter IV: An infusion of reality and love.
The introduction of the album is done by Diddy Diddy Money and is a plea to God for help in understanding love. The idea of understanding love is portrayed throughout the album with tracks like: How to love and How to hate making specific reference to it.
 The album has 15 tracks in total including the intro and outro. It is well balanced, with features from Rick Ross in John, Drake on the well radio-aired track She will and Tech n9ne and Andre 3000 on the Interlude track.
When one consciously decides to listen to the lyrics to the songs on this album one allows oneself to become inundated with Wayne’s intelligent use of metaphors and similes:  But I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit on the track She Will is one such example.
The lyrics in this album can also be seen as a depiction of his life. Elements from his life like his date of birth, 27 September 1982 can be seen to be used as inspiration for his lyrics. This idea is echoed in the quote taken from the track She Will: So on my Libra scale, I’m weighing sins and forgiveness.
On the track President Carter Wayne provides one with a platform for his insight with regard to the deaths amongst the youth of today: Gorillas in suits/ The holy war, the spiritual troops/ Fighting over the mythical truth/ Drowning in the political soup/ They shoot missiles and nukes/ Taking out such a pivotal group/ The body count is the physical proof/ And they thought drugs were killing the youth.
Aiding also to the success of this album are the beats and Wayne’s flow that accompany the lyrics. Ranging from the immediately ‘head bopping’ beats that can be heard on the track 6 foot 7 foot to the subtle, mellow beats that serve as a background to the track Nightmares of the bottom. One is assured to click the replay option.

6 foot 7 foot. By: Lil Wayne ft. Corey Gunz taken from youtube


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