Got To Love These Creeps!

By: Niamh Walsh-Vorster



Trippy beats with static jolts surge through the speakers as Radiohead’s very first song off their latest album begins to play.  The King of Limbs is the bands eighth studio album and shares much likeness to their previous works. Made up of only eight tracks the band is able to transport you to a psychedelic world in just 37 minutes.  

The band has been around since 1987 and has never conformed to the desires of the mainstream ear. Thom Yorke manages to create a mass of genius noise, which is something critics and fans alike have always appreciated. The King of Limbs could be compared to sounding like Yorke’s solo album, The Eraser which incorporates the usual fast electronic ticks and tocks. The bands signature sound is definitely present, with experimental beats that float simultaneously whilst Yorke belts out vocals that could be described as the best whining you have ever heard.  Commercial audiences who may have been fans of their radio hits, Just (You Do It To Yourself) and Creep may not necessarily be drawn to this album as it is produced in classic Radiohead style.

 Critics of Rolling Stone Magazine have found the album unable to match the greatness that was of their previous album, In Rainbows. This could be agreed upon as Radiohead did not necessarily attempt to break any new ground with this album, and have kept it short and true Radio style. Producer Nigel Godrich, who has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, U2, R.E.M and Gnarls Barkley, and the combination of Radiohead’s lyrics results in the strangeness that is what embodies who Radiohead is.

The speed of their latest inventions is definitely more fast-paced with two or three songs being more chilled out .One of the albums calmer tracks, Codex has a symphony of sounds that sooths the soul. It’s one to save on your iPod and plug in your earphones and go for a stroll on a misty day.  Radiohead have been known for their ability to tap into the emotional psyche however this album is not as dark as previous records. There is no “you love or hate it” with this album, it’s a good listen for those familiar with the band.

It is an album suited for late night missions in the car with your best mates searching for that underground techno gig. The temptation is to play the album on repeat, but after a while it becomes a bit monotonous and annoying. Best save it for those moments of deep listening.


Radiohead- Lotus Flower (Official Video)


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