Getting you in the Loop ,


By Kyla Hazell

Country folk polkas in time to the beatbox as nomadic Eastern melodies wind their way around the blues in the enchanting ditties that are the five tracks of Cape Town artist, Jeremy Loops?, newly-released, limited-edition EP.
Recorded at the urgent request of his fast-growing fan base and released at this year?s Rocking the Daisies music festival ? where the 26-year-old arguably stole the stage ? the EP features tracks such as Power and New Ukulele.
Just a year after his first official performance, Loops has casually loped into the South African music scene and got audiences jammin? à la Bob Marley. A self-proclaimed ?loop pedal artist?, Jeremy uses looping technology to record himself playing a variety of instruments ? from the ukulele to the harmonica and, of course, the guitar ? and layers the sounds to become a veritable one-man-band.
Loops? feel-good music seems to speak to being young and barefoot in the spring of a country where opportunities are waiting for those willing to take them. Listening, it?s easy to imagine him a few short years ago, working on yachts and practicing what then was a hobby he never thought would lead where it has. Returning to SA, a UCT graduate but unable to find work, Loops started up Greenpop ? an initiative which is quite literally growing the country by planting trees in under-green areas. It was at a party to celebrate the project?s success that Loops had the idea of including his own name in the line-up, and the ball hasn?t stopped rolling since.
Featuring performances by rapper, M.O. Lecko, as well as Andre Geldenhuys of Machineri, Andrew Winer from 7ft Soundsystem and Patrick McCay of Two Minute Puzzle, the EP has Cape Town captured in rhythm. One can almost hear the chilled sound-waves of Loops? surfer home-town, Kommetjie, crash against the carnival-feeling of Long Street by night.
My only criticism is that Loops can?t be seen through a sound system ? really a performer who astounds on stage, I?d recommend his live act to any music lover.
Give us more, Jeremy ? we?re loving every loop.

Loops performs The Gypsy Opera on UCT campus – taken from YouTube


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