BY: Mantseke Thiti
The art on Lady Gagas? Album cover depicts the Star?s half-female, half-motorcycle. ?During an interview with the Daily Record Lady Gaga stated that the art is meant to be a symbol of the fact that she is endlessly always changing in so many transformative ways?. The picture of the album covers? photographer was Nick Knight and the Haus of Gaga.
Lady Gaga; an American recording artists? album; Born This Way, was released on the ?23rd of May 2011 by Interscope Records?, the length of the whole album is 61:12. Listening to one of Lady Gagas? singles; Judas, which was released on the 15th of April this year evokes so many emotions. Judas is one of Lady Gagas? singles that she expresses herself in so many ways in it.
Gaga talks about being in love with Judas in this song; Judas, the song can have different meanings or each individual can interpret in so many ways. For example, where she says; When he comes to me, I am ready I’ll wash his feet with my hair if he needs. Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain even after three times, he betrays me”.
This could be taken as she elevates Judas to Jesus level, as it was originally Jesus that had his feet washed by a woman, with her hair. Or it could be taken as Lady Gaga is talking about herself as if she is Jesus, as Jesus also washed others feet, he forgives people even when they sin, and Jesus was betrayed three times by his disciples.
Born this way is an album that was expected, as others to hit the top of the UK album chart, ?it is the singer?s second full-length album?, which contains of songs that expresses or explains why Gaga says she was ?BORN THIS WAY?.
A single; born this way which was released on the 11th of February this year, is one of the songs that are in the ?BORN THIS WAY? album. Born this way is an electro-pop song backed by rumbling synth sounds and a humming bass, with a percussion added in the chorus.
 The lyrics of the song; born this way, talks about self empowerment and the ?usage of ?chola? and ?orient? in the song drew criticism from some Asian and Hispanic communities, who claimed that the terms had been used in an offensive and derogatory manner?.
 As much as there will always be critics on the sideline, born this way is one of the songs in Gagas? album that received a lot of compliments, one of them being the fact that the song is a ?club-ready anthem?.

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