Future History – Past meets present

by Vimbai Midzi

It girl video – Jason Derulo (YouTube)

For those of you who thought of Jason Derulo as a one-hit wonder remnant of a boy band who happened to remind you of Chris Brown – think again. The What you say singer has proved himself in this album for all who still had doubts, myself included. Future History grabs you by the hand, shoves you on the dance floor and keeps you moving the moment you hear the first track. This album has given Derulo the distinct voice he needed in the pop genre and he seems to have really applied himself this time around. The m??lange of house, pop and hip hop influences proves his versatility and places him a cut above the rest.

From the party anthem Don?t wanna go home to the crushing realisation in Dumb, the 12 track album is filled with thoughtful lyrics and portrays a sense of maturity and growth we all love to see in artists. Lyrics such as, I only miss you when I?m breathing are belted out to a house beat, and which could appeal to any kind of listener. The ear-catcher in the album however, must be Fight for you, a love song with musical hints of Derulo?s Haitian background. The song explores the need to hold onto a relationship that is worth working for ? a change from the unfaithful What you say character. Although the album does not leave much room for downtime, making it slightly overwhelming after the first listen, it definitely keeps you on your feet and is bursting with energy and emotion.

Having been a songwriter since the age of 16, Derulo has written for the likes of Diddy, Sean Kingston and even Lil Wayne. His writing skills have been stretched to the limit in this album, and show a new side of Derulo that is slightly more solid and settled. His sincerity shines through his music, but he still has fun with it. The twenty-one year old seems to have transitioned from Riding Solo to finding his It Girl and has proved that he has a great deal to offer to the industry.

This unique mesh of different sounds and genres puts a great deal of pop artists to shame, and shows Derulo?s newfound confidence and self-discovery. The album helps Derulo move out from the bland pop culture circle. Future History makes for a great listen. To Mr Derulo ? I?d fight for you.


Future History (Google pictures)

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