Fostering the Fun

By: Catherine Baytopp

Do you ever get the feeling while walking down the street and a smile
creeps across your face and you feel like you are the hero in the
movie that is your life? Well /Foster the People?s /[1]latest
offering /Torches/ would be the soundtrack to my movie.

This alternative, indie rock band was formed in 2009 in Los Angeles
California by Mark Foster[2] (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers,
guitar, programming, percussion) and includes Mark Pontius (drums and
extra percussion), and Cubbie Fink (bass and backing vocals).
/Torches[3]/ was released in 2011 and their biggest single Pumped up
Kicks reached number one on the Billboard?s Alternative song charts.

If you could combine the unique and slightly annoying sound of /Mika/
with indie bands like the /Killers/ or /Red Hot Chilli Peppers/ you
would come close to the synthesized sound of /Foster The People/. The
arb words and odd sound may not be everybodies idea of fun especially
with Rihanna and Lady Gaga dominating the charts but for a carefree
moment or when you are feeling trapped, /Houdini/ and other tracks may
just be the boost you need. Just for a crazy dance you would do while
hiding?? in your room, this album is perfect.

The lyrics in most of their tracks express a rebellion for the
goody-two-shoes expectations of society with /Pumped up Kicks/ being
about a troubled boy and ?He’s got a rolled cigarette, hanging out
his mouth he’s a cowboy kid? who has to decide whether to shoot his
father?s gun or not. /Helena Beats/ tries to escape from the banal
happenings of everyday life, except human nature is planting doubt
about the ability of people to handle change.

The upbeat and alternative rhythm and beat of /Foster the People?s/
music creates an interesting contrast with their dark lyrics. This
juxtaposition makes each song fit with emotions most of us would feel
at some point be it boredom, confusion, entrapment or doubt.


There?s no denying that the rough indie sound of /Foster The People/
may be an acquired taste and it may not blow your mind, but for a fun,
free spirited moment this nine-track album is great escape, maybe even
the back track to your own movie moment. Dancing, walking or simply
lying in the sun Torches is definitely the album to have on your
playlist, bringing unique spark to your shuffle.????




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