Destiny???s Child shares their destiny (( R&B, Kelly, Michelle, Beyonce, Billboard 200, UK Albums Chart, Pop, Destiny???s Child))

by: Nompumelelo Mncube


In 1997, three teenage girls started a Rhythm and Blues (R&B) music
group, /Girl???s Tyme/. After that they were immediately signed by the
Columbia Records, that marriage giving birth to the glorious singing
sensation,/ Destiny???s Child/.

Now, fourteen years later, /Beyonc??, Michelle /and /Kelly/ are
mature, successful independent women, with solo albums to their names.
Though all three girls have started solo careers, this has not stopped
them from creating once more an album that reminds us why they are
greatly loved.

/Destiny???s Child /released its final album, entitled #1’s, which is
CD and DVD combination. This album includes all of the group???s
number-one hits and most of their well-known songs. The DVD has 9
videos, including a remix featuring /Missy Elliot/. There are only
three new tracks, but the listener cannot complain to hearing again
soulful sounds of the well received ‘Stand up for Love’, [1]???Check
up on it??? [2]and ???Lose My Breath???

Famous smashes like the sassy, ???Bills, Bills, Bills???, ???Say My
Name???, and ???Independent Women???, still make listeners dance to
the tune and want to listen over and over again to the trio???s
powerful vocals.

The album carries motivational messages hope, strength, unity and
support. #1’s is a proof to their industry supremacy and superstar
status. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 it also became
number seven on the UK Albums Chart. #1’s has sold an astounding three
million copies worldwide

/Destiny???s Child /mixed genre of RnB fused with Pop has had many
young artists follow in a similar trend. These are the likes of Ciara,
Ashanti, Rihanna and LaToya, to name a few. However, the
suit-followers can only dream of a kind of stardom as that celebrated
by Beyonc??, Kelly and Michelle in their prime time.

So, some might ask for the recipe to create an award winning group
with the calibre of /Destiny???s Child/. A good start would be to
weave together three beautiful girls who share childhood memories,
with a strong relationship, coupled with love of music, powerful
voices and hunger for great destinies!

/Destiny???s Child /undoubtedly has mastered the craft to grab its
fans even many years after its prime, showing that they are still
queens of their game. And this album is set out to bring out the
memories of /Destiny???s Child/.[3]



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