Deep Enough?

By Vanessa Louise Knight


Taken from: Lyricspond

Two talented French Musicians bringing together the varying voices from across the globe whist striving for something different through the early 90?s.
Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez from Northern France came together and decided to mix heard vocals from the Baka pygmy tribe with modern music.  Deep Forest was a self titled album and was released in 1992 and was later nominated or a Grammy Award for best world album in 1993.  The hit single Sweet Lullaby originates from a traditional song in the Solomon Islands and successfully managed to put the album on the UK top 10 hit list.

Lyrics and often outward chants, effectively express every human emotion, from anger through to joy.  With its ostensibly pre-dated, primitive lyrics and modernised backdrop beats, Deep Forest brings the ages together as one.  Bridging the gap between such musical and cultural diversities has seemingly been of primary focus to the voiceless duo.  Words spoken through perplexing yet heartfelt lyrics stem from across Africa and Eastern Europe and appear to weave a fabric full of invisible ties that bind.

The sound of a traditional percussion instrument echos softly in the background of the song Desert Walk, leaving a sense of pure tranquillity and content.  You can almost feel the wind as it whistles its way through the majestic dunes.  Tribal voices resonate through select sections of the song and portray a contrasting vibe, danger through mysterious rituals perhaps.

Despite being produced in the early 90s Deep Forest lives on today through the lives of many and never ceases to age.  Cory Smit, a diehard fan asserts that Deep forest moves me to that primal place far at the back of my mind. I feel as if it separates me from the mundane, day-in-day-out crap that comes with routines of modern livingWhite Whisper, with its varying vocal pitches is described as afro-centric and seems to actively portray a habitual African setting says Smit.  Each song paints a unique picture, a picture so clear and existent and one which allows the mind to escape reality.

It doesnt matter where you want to be at any moment in time, the inter-woven, ethnic lyrics and modern vibrations of Deep Forest can take you there.  Just close your eyes and listen.  Can you feel it?  Are you there?

Taken from: Youtube


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