David Guetta Needs Another Beat


By Bongeka Masango


The cover of David Guetta’s album Nothing But The Beat

French DJ David Guetta is at it again with his fifth album titled Nothing But The Beat. He has a history of party starting tracks and using pop artists in house tracks, and this album is no different. This time he has separated it into two discs. Disc one is a compilation of songs featuring various artists providing vocals. The second disc I see as a disc for his original fans, consisting of electronic sounds with no lyrics.

It is easy to get lost in the music of the first disc. The lyrics are catchy and the beats are fun to dance to. There is only so much you can do with pop music and house combined and I felt that Guetta was approaching his end. The song Little Bad Girl sounded very similar to what I would imagine Swedish House Mafia?s One and From Miami To Ibiza to sound like if they got mashed up into one song.  Some of the songs seemed to lack hit quality and I felt myself wanting him to put a bit more work into them. They were similar to his other hits and it appeared like he was stuck in a rut.

He made a good move by incorporating rappers such as Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Timbaland. In the collaborations he stayed true to himself and the artists. By doing this he gave people who are not hugely into house music a chance to like it. However the song Sweat with Snoop Dogg was horrible. Basically Snoop Dogg, auto tune and house music should never come together again.

I Can Only Imagine with vocals by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne is definitely a future hit. The choice of artists and the music was incredible and the mixture of the both was superbly done. Chris Brown?s clear vocals gave the track a smooth feel whereas Lil Wayne?s rapping gave it a bit of edge that did not throw it off completely.

Enjoying the second cd can take a while, especially if you are not a techno house fan. The tracks on this disc offered a variation from each other, but not from the house scene in general. They sounded like average house songs and just did not seem to be something that would be expected by such a recognised DJ.

The album overall was an average attempt. The songs are fun to dance to but I would not recommend people put the discs on at a club and just let them run. It was alright but not amazing.

David Guetta’s latest single off the album Nothing But The Beat


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