Dark and Twisted Fantasy

By: Asanda Menta


Kanye?s Latest offering has something for everyone, from deep and
harsh rap lyrics to dance tracks. Tracks like /Runaway[1] show /Kanye
West?s diversity as an artist as well as his more vulnerable side.
In this album he has collaborated with artists like Jay-Z, John Legend
and Nicki Minaj. Kanyes fans I must say won?t be disappointed
because in this album he has grown, this album is not your typical
club album it?s more deep and powerful. Tracks like /Lost in the
world[2]/,/ Hell of life [3]/and Gorgeous [4]are one of my favourite
tracks in the album.
Out of five stars this album I will give for stars and the reason
would be it?s a good soulful rap album it?s not typical Kanye West
but at the end of the day change is good to artist and for Kanye this
kind of change will definitely make him have more fans and will offer
him a different crowd because of the different taste he has added in
his music.
People who will enjoy this album most obvious will be Kanye West die
hard fans but also people who are into emo music and soulful RnB must
say Kanye West out did himself on this one, cant wait for his next
release and collaborations.


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