Culolethu ?Our song?. ((Culoe de song, Blackcoffee, Busi Mhlongo, percussions, globally, accommodating, SAMA nominations,music)

By : Thulani

Culolwethu Zulu or also known as Culoe de song by his fans started his music career in 2007 when he produced a song on the albums of one of South Africa?s well known djs and also globally known dj Blackcoffee in his single called ?100 Zulu warriors? on one of his offerings called ?have another one?. At the young age of 21 Culoe de song has made a huge name for himself locally and globally with his great use of percussions in his music. His performances have also earned him international recognition resulting in him working with the very much talented likes of Blackcoffee , Vinny da Vinci, Manoo to name but just a few.
He proved his great taste for music in his first album called ?the giant leap? when he received two SAMA nominations for best newcomer and best urban dance album. His rise to fame was accompanied by the track in his album where he featured the well-known late Busi Mhlongo titled ?webaba?. In this album he featured famous people such as the likes of Thandiswa Mazwai in ?gwebindlala adding that Afro-soul rhythm to the feel of the song, the neighbour ft Salif Keita and Jimmy Dludlu which gives you the soothing sound of jazz with his legendary guitarist expertise from Jimmy and the vocals the pleasant sounds of Salif Keita have you in harmony.
Harmony being a single in his latest offering called ?elevation? which he describes it as his ?mother label? in which he features Rocco Rodamaal. Even though it may seem to be the same as the first album with the guitars, drums and overlapping vocals Culoe does not aim to disappoint. In his latest album he features the famous trio band called Shona in his ground breaking track called ?yini ngawe?, ft Chappel in his song called ?make you move? also certainly following the meaning of his name being ?our song? with his remix to the song of Ternille Nelson with people talking about it and sharing their opinions about it.
Through his great music and it being so accommodating to everyone he has been able to travel the world in his tours to places such as the European countries he has been the envy of achieving what other local dj?s wish they could achieve in their lifetimes by making it possible in such a young age and shows no signs of looking back.


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