Big Scary, Ready to explode

By sinazo chiya


/Vacation/ is the appropriately titled debut album from blooming indie
band Big Scary, their music sounds exactly like a holiday. Established
in 2006 and then reestablished in 2008 after a brief break, the duo
originating from Melbourne in Australia released its new album on the
7th of October 2011 to a large national following and a budding
international fan-base. The band has opened for acts such as The Vasco
Era, Florence and the Machine, Midlake, Little Red and /Editors[1]/
reflects the band?s diverse musical appeal. The duo?s song
has been featured on an advert for an American telecommunication?s
company and two of the band?s songs have been featured on Grey?s
Anatomy. Despite falling under the indie rock category, the band
displays influences from post-punk-revival, garage-rock and
indie-folk. Lovers of bands like stars, the xx, the arcade fire [3]and
grizzly bear would feel at home with this sound.

The first song, Gladiator[1], is bursting with simple joy; mellow,
electric-guitar riffs are layered over a solid but explosive drum
beat; the combination of male and female vocals blend, overlap and
separate to form a cheeky androgynous dialogue, heavy with suggestion.
The track immediately after Leaving home turns up the melancholy with
a piano-led, drum-heavy rhythm which constantly builds towards a
climatic chorus in which Tom barely stops short of howling. The
festivities pick up again with the 1970?s-themed, tambourine-filled
rebellious, punk-rock-adjacent Purple the zest of which is immediately
quenched by the purely instrumental soundscape of Child in a tree. The
album takes a deliberate turn towards the contemplative in Got it,
lost it. The song, featured in hospital drama Grey?s Anatomy[2],
pregnant with emotion. The rhythm is slow with a heavy emphasis on
percussion and distortions which filters out onto a naked, hollow
drum-beat. The vocals synthesized into an emotive murmur which hovers
somewhere between grief and sensuality.??

The band appears to work on emotive elements, the album urges to the
listener to feel and imagine with their ears. The highs and lows of
the album resonate with the unpredictability of youth. The band
communicates with ease the plight of the 21st century twenty-something
with lyrics like ?I?m so bored I don?t know what to do with my
time.? In this album the listener gets taken for a roller-coaster
across the vast music-scape that is the indie genre. The band is
reflexive and refreshing. With momentum slowly building for this indie
band, it?s sure to explode.




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