Benga -Diary of an Afro Warrior

By: Robert Deane

Benga – 26 Basslines

In the community of Croydon, South London, a large part of the mystical genre known as dubstep originated. There lives Beni Uthman ? more commonly known as Benga ? one of dubstep?s creators.

In 2008 Benga released ?Diary of an Afro Warrior?, although not really his first album, it is considered as his debut album due to the hype that it has caused and the name that Benga has made for himself because of it.

The album is a swingy, electro-jazzy, bass driven party album that needs to be played through a quality sound system in order to experience its true raw power that it offers. Benga?s skippy drums and half-time snares are still full of energy and flow with his catchy melodies and hooks in his uniquely inspiring producing methods.

Benga wrote 50 songs in just 2 months and then took a week off to decide which tracks he wanted on the album ? his favourite being a number called ?E-Trips?. All of the songs that are on the album are still fresh and lively, 3 years on. A lot of people think dubstep is just that grimy bass wobbling with minimal melodies and monotonous, heavy drums. This is definitely not the case with Diary of an Afro Warrior.

Benga was involved in the music scene from a young age. At the age of 12 he used to hang out at Big Apple Records, a local record store, where he was around the influence of early garage-style producers that used to pass through the store. He picked up a love for electro and drum & bass – both aspects are noticeably present in his album.

Benga is well known for his collaborations with producers Coki, they made the famous tune ?Night?, Skream and Artworks. Benga, Skream and Artworks together form a group called Magnetic Man, who are currently a large dubstep feature on the commercial music charts, catching the ears? of many people with song like ?I Need Air? with Katy B., and ?Getting Nowhere? with John Legend.

The album challenges dubstep producers, aspiring and established. Benga?s ear for the sound is incredible and his musical magic is embedded in his automating, effect strong, frequency rich tunes, that will cause a little chaos in your brain, even if you are not a dubstep lover.




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