Adele does it again ((Adele, 19, 21, copies sold, Beyonce?s ?4?, producers, Billboard Hot 100, tours ))

By Yonela Zondani

YouTube: Someone like you
Adele Laurie Adkins with a stage name by /Adele/[1] was born in
London. She was born on the 5th of May 1988. Her career took a turn
for the better after her first single /Chasing Pavement/ in her first
album /19/[2]. It seems like she values her age stages because her new
album titled /21/[3] was released this year in January.

/21/ is influenced by American country music which she learnt during
her tours in 2008-9, in it she has worked with Jim Abbiss who was one
of the producers of the first album, Paul Epworth, Rick Rubin, Fraser
smith, Ryan tedder and Dan Wilson but she also produced some of the
songs herself. 

19 was about her newmate, how happy they were together, the album had
songs like /Crazy for you/, /Chasing Pavements/ and /First Love/. /21/
was not different to her previous album in terms of what she was
singing about, love. But because she has grown, /21/?s love songs
show that she experienced love troubles that were different from when
she was in her teens.

/Adele/ was in a very romantic relationship and she thought this man
was going to be her soulmate but then it turned into a bitter break up
which was the motive of her writing the songs. The album explains the
depression she went through after the break up, her anger, bitterness
but at the end her forgiveness for the man.

The album starts with her single /Rolling in the deep/ which is about
her begging the man to come back to her, it was no.1 in the Billboard
Hot 100 for seven weeks. Then there are songs like /He won?t go/
where she sings about her demanding the man as hers even though he is
gone already. After crying throughout the album and still not
believing he is gone, the last track /Someone like you/ contradicts
with all that. In it she sings about her letting go and realizing that
the man is not coming back with lines like ?never mind I?ll find
someone like you? and ?I had hope you?d see my face and that
you?d be reminded that for me, it isn?t over?.

If you are currently listening to /Beyonce?s new album ?4?/[4],
you?ll surely enjoy /21/ because both contexts of the albums are the
same, in the beginning of the albums they sing about not being able to
get over a man but in the end they sing about how they are becoming

Adele seems to not disappoint her fans because her first album, /19/,
has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide by far, and /21/ has
sold 10 million copies[5] globally.

From a 14-year-old who is in love and who has just been out of love to
a 50-year-old who has just found their dream partner and who is
missing their high school sweetheart, this album is a must listen.



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