Ra Ra Riot- underground college rockstars

By Beth Caddy

Ra Ra Riot’s award winning music video “Can You Tell”

An underground young indie rock band right out of the University of Syracuse, New York presents Ra Ra Riot signed under Barsuk Records. This not so discovered but yet unbelievably talented band has produced two albums, The Rhumb Line and The Orchard. Which are equally tantalizing and intimate compositions of the finest melodies and rhythms.

By Ra Ra Riot?s use of theatrical cello and violin they are able to produce melancholic pieces with their undercurrents of bass and drums, such as ?Ghosts Under Rocks? and ?The Orchard? with bittersweet lyrics. At the same time Ra Ra Riot has the ability to produce upbeat, cheerful pieces which reveals the bands quirky and original personality with their extensive use of rhythmic guitar techniques and unique set of vocals.

The Rhumb Line and The Orchard have got identifiable differences through the use if instruments and lyrics as The Rhumb Line is co-written and dedicated to John Pikes, a member of Ra Ra Riot. Pikes passed away whilst in the making of the album and this influences the genre of the this album. The Rhumb Line possesses mournful items such as ?Winter ?05? and ?Dying Is Fine? where the band incorporate poetic license as ee cummings motivates their lyric choice. Their use of dramatic cello and violin strings adds the persona this album portrayed due to the loss in which they felt. But don?t let this fool you into thinking that this is album is not with your time nor money, The Rhumb Line also has features of bouncy light hearted tracks that you put on repeat for days. This album the band successfully produced four singles, ?Dying Is Fine?, ?Each Year?, ?Ghosts Under Rocks? and ?Can You Tell? of which ?Can You Tell? won the Best Music Video award in Finger Lakes Film Festival in 2009. On to Ra Ra Riots latest album The Orchard which was produced in 2010, this album has noticeably more energetic feel with their unique sound of rumbling drums and rippling bass, with a successful single already ?Boy?. This album has made a huge breakthrough and shown masses around the USA how gifted and exhilarating this band truely is.

Ra Ra Riot?s exceptional use of diverse instruments makes this band one of a kind with vocalist Wes Miles, bassist Mathieu Santos, guitarist Milo Bonacci, cellist Alenandra Lawn, violinist Rebecca Zeller and drummer Kenny Bernard. Ra Ra Riot has toured all over the USA and has become increasingly popular as they contribute a whole sphere of undiscovered music and talent leaving you wishing for more.


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