Evanescence eclectically entertains with “Evanescence”


Property of Wind-Up Records LLC. 2011

by: Luke Cadden

It has been a long five year wait since Evanescence fans awaited the arrival of the highly successful “The Open Door” which spawned hits such as “Call Me When You’re Sober”. Fans can now feast their ears on the bands third, self-titled studio album – “Evanescence”. The album’s success speaks for itself, debuting at No.1 on the Billboard 200 with over 127,000 copies sold, falling behind the band’s previous debut of 447,000 copies, however, it marks the bands second No.1 studio album.

Fans will be asking for some similar magic from the band’s past successes and luckily fans will not by left feeling shell shocked by this latest effort as the album has something to offer those who are unfamiliar with Evanescence’s distinctive musical style.

Fans will not be as shocked as Linkin Park’s fans were after the release of “A Thousand Suns” last year. Regardless, every artist is aware of the high expectations after a long hiatus. The lead single, “What You Want” which combines the angelic vocals of Amy Lee with a mind-boggling explosion of drum beats is true riveting Evanescence style.

However some tracks such as “My Heart is Broken” appear awfully similar to past hits such as 2007’s “Bring Me To Life” feat. Paul McCoy. This may appear surprising as Lee is the only original band member yet the distinctive heavy-metal style from previous titles appears to shine through in the same trusted format that guarantees the deep intensity of Lee’s vocals.

Nevertheless, the album has a rare collection of lyrical superiority and this can be attributed to the strong team of songwriters who included: Amy Lee Terry Belsamo (The Open Door), Tim McCord, Will Hunt and Troy McLawhorn.

Surprisingly, this album nearly didn’t happen. According to James Montgomery’s interview with Amy Lee she expressed her need for the band’s long hiatus and used the time to do anything a normal person would do – like “buying groceries”. 

Lee however expressed her happiness for the band’s latest collaboration – so are the fans.
In an age where music charts and sales are so precarious, and file sharing so rampant fans are less likely to depart from their hard earned cash but “Evanescence” must not be overlooked. If you
cringe at the sound of rock music or heavy guitars then give this one a miss – a big miss.

Property of Wind-Up Records LLC. 2011.


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