Blunt: A modern musical genius

Blunt: A modern musical Genius

James Blunt kick started his musical career with the hugely successful album ?Back to Bedlam.? This album takes the listener through an emotional journey; from highlighting the pain of unrequited love in his song ?your beautiful? to reflecting the bitter sadness of war in his harrowing song ?no bravery.? It is a hugely eclectic album that includes tantalizing arrangements of guitar, Wurlitzer, piano and a variety of other organs. The lyrics of his song ?good bye my lover? aptly demonstrate the pains of separation and grace the album with somewhat of a melancholic feel. The themes that he explores are vast and varied, and it has been said that his song ?so long Jimmy? pays homage to the classic rock icons Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison

Blunt seems to juxtapose the two facets of love/hate and life/death in a number of his songs, and his sensitive lyrics appear to be based on his own life experience. The heartfelt and harrowing song ?no bravery? for instance mirrored his former experience as a Royal Air Force Soldier during a mission in the Kosovo region. This song in particular could be seen as a powerful piece of anti-war propaganda, equipped with the intent to raise awareness and curb futile belligerence. His lyrics show clear thoughtfulness and consideration and are delivered in a sincerely honest fashion. Blunt puts on no pretences, he simply presents his experiences, truths, triumphs and tragedies.

Furthermore his lyrics evoke powerful images in the minds of his listeners and elicit powerful, potentially dormant, emotions in the hearts of all those that can relate to his music. In companionship with hugely witty and poetic lyrics, Blunt has a high, hugely unique voice. It oozes feeling and depth and, in my own personal opinion, has a more seductive and sensitive feel than those of his contemporaries. His voice has the ability to convey soft, subtle and melodious tones as well as those that are more dramatic and saturated with richly intense emotion.

As a whole this album suggests that Blunt is truly in touch with the cathartic value of music. He soulfully recounts memories of a haunted past and sings with utter conviction on matters of a wounded heart. To provide a critique; although his subject matter extends to that of war, drug use and musical giants, his pivotal focus and fascination is arguably that of love and its inherent woes. Blunt will thus surely captivate those with a romantic edge.

You’re Beautiful (Literal Video Version)


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