A Magnetic Game-changer

By Amy Wilkes


Image of album cover taken from consequenceofsound.net

A fairly new genre in itself, dubstep has had a catalyst presence in the underground party scenario, but is already being redefined by its most sought after artists. The famous trio that make up the recently
formed Magnetic Man, have created a debut album that has become a force to be reckoned with. Skream, Benga and Artwork are the DJ/producers who collaborated to create a dubstep movement that has re-established the genre in itself. Their self-titled debut album comprises of fourteen highly varying tracks, most without vocals, but immersed with collaborations from the likes of Katy B, Sam Frank and
even John Legend. 

The highly anticipated album debuted in October 2010, introducing this varied take on dubstep, and although large criticism surrounds the album from die-hard dubstep fans, ?Magnetic Man? is able to commercialize a genre that has always seemed to be geared towards the underground scene, without losing its dubstep essence. Tracks like ?Anthemic? and ?Mad? are indicative of the heavy baseline that characterises dubstep and does service to this element like no other, carrying the seemingly slow, but heart racing beat that has become popular worldwide

Aside from these two massive tracks, the album veers away from the stereotype that the genre has become. Tracks with vocals by soulful artists, such as ?Getting Nowhere? with John Legend and ?Crossover? featuring Katy B, are filled with the percussion and beat that is characteristic of dubstep, but are entwined with the soft and harmonious vocals of both great vocalists. ?Perfect Stranger? also featuring Katy B, carries a more drum and bass rhythm, but the beautiful, smooth vocals and profound lyrics, ?Your energy when you touched me, lifted me off the ground; your words to me
are like music?, allows for the different edge ?Magnetic Man? takes, to be seen. The pairing of incredible lyrics with beats that crowds go crazy for, shows the new-found versatility that Magnetic Man has embraced. Their most popular single, ?I Need Air?, which reached the Top 10 in the UK charts, is a true testament to the group?s commitment to the genre, with a rippling baseline that embraces the sensual, but vigorous vocals.

‘I Need Air’ official music video taken from Youtube.com

The benchmark that this group has set for other artists is great, creating a semblance between huge dance floor tracks and great lyrics. An album that undoubtedly sets forth to change the game, Magnetic Man has become a feature to contend with.


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