Carter is Back


 by Megan Roux

With expectations sky high it would have been nearly impossible for Lil Wayne‘s new album release Tha Carter 4 (released August 29th) to exceed them. Tha Carter 3 was the top selling album of 2008 earning Weezy a grammy nomination for Album of the Year. Even so Tha Carter 4 still debuts at number 1 on the billboard charts after selling 964,000 copies in the first week.

Tha Carter 4 has its moments. 6 foot 7 foot shows off Lil Wayne’s inginuity at spitting fast paced witty verses with lines like “real gs move in silence like lasagne.” President Carter has a winning introduction taking clips from Jimmy Carter’s presidential inauguration. She Will featuring his protégé, Drake has found its way onto the top 10 of the Hot 100 chart. Despite a few questionable lines such as “what goes around comes around like a hula-hoop” it is a well produced, easy track to listen too with an exciting beat.

Much in the same way they did when he released his “Rock” album, Reborn, many true lil Wayne fans will despair at his RnB attempt, How to Love, which shows a more romantic side of Mr. Dwayne Carter. With that said How To Love peaked at number 5 on the billboard hot 100 and is currently sitting at number 20 after 21 weeks on the chart.

No Hip Hop album would be complete without some controversy and sly well worded jabs about other rappers. This is no exception. Following Jay-Z‘s insults aimed at Lil Wayne on Watch the Throne, Weezy fired back on Its Good with a couple of heated lines which imply his intention to kidnap Beyonce and hold her for ransom.

While this album is far from bad it is definitely far from the best Lil Wayne has delivered. Carter 2 was a breakthrough album and Carter 3 has been described as a turning point in hip hop. In comparison this latest offering falls a bit flat. His lyrics don’t pack the same punch and there is lack of creativity and new concepts. He generally plays it safe with the usual topics and for some reason completely neglects to reflect upon the three years since Tha Carter 3 during which he spent 8 months in jail for the possession of a loaded gun. The one new concept he does explore in How To Love has received very mixed reviews from critics.

So while there have been better in the past you could do far worse than to give Tha Carter 4 a listen. He’s still weezy, he’s still the martian and he’ll still deliver rhymes to leave you speechless.

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