Eyes Opened

Irish indie rockers, Snow Patrol was simply another group of musicians struggling to make it to the big time….but then they made this album. Eyes Open hit the shelves in 2006 and since then has been considered this band’s greatest work.

The album consists of eleven tracks with three bonus tracks. Out of the eleven songs on the track, eight of them have to be considered some of the best pieces of music in the increasingly popular genre of indie rock.

The opening track and first single released from the album, You’re All I Have is great to dance around the room to, or to relax to while lying in bed. In the UK the album sold over 2 million copies within the year, quickly making it the top grossing album released by the upcoming band, before and since. Undoubtedly the best and most famous song on the track is Chasing Cars which propelled the album to success and fame when it was played in the season finale of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy.

The song must be one of the best songs ever created. The words, unlike many other songs of love, portray the complexities of the human heart as well as the difficulties faced by people as they uncertainly wait for acceptance from the person they love. The chord combination seduces the listener, enticing them to listen further and once the song is done, to repeat it again and again.

Unlike other albums, this is one that can be listened to over and over again without killing it. There are, of course, songs the album could do without. Nothing is perfect after all. The bonus tracks can get monotonous and dull as they continue for some time and do not change. Despite these small flaws the album is definitely one that should play often on any true music lover’s iTunes. The album combines the emotions of happiness, relaxation and appreciation with the desire for something greater, the need to dance and contentment with the music. The great creators of this album wrote, I want so much to open your eyes and that is what they do.

They open your eyes to the wonderful world of music.


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