Christina turns Bionic

By Karabo Ramalibana

She is not so much a Genie in a Bottle anymore. From having a so-called over-sexual video of Dirrty in 2002, Christina has definitely changed from her rebellious, sexy and youthful pop sound to a more rich and authentic style of music. Even though she has been out of public eye for 4 years, we probably won’t forget the shocking performance of the song Like a Virgin with Madonna and Britney Spears at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2002. The passionate kiss Christina shared with co-star Madonna raised several eyebrows and a whole lot of controversy, even though it wasn’t her first encounter. Her behaviour put a stamp on her as the young rebellious wild girl not afraid of embracing her sexuality. This album definitely has a new sound and a new representation Christina, something that her fans could?ve not expected from her much anticipated 4th studio album Bionic.

Her first television appearance was on Star Search at the tender age of 10, 20 years after this performance Christina has become one of the best female pop artists of the 21st century. She has produced hit singles and albums at a steady rate, and this one is a must to listen to. Yes, this album might be a subtly different from the explosive pop element that we?ve learnt to love, but it shows slight growth and maturity in her as a person and her approach to music.

In this album she worked with artists co-songwriters from very different genres and musical backgrounds such as Nikki Minaj and Sia; just to mention a few. There is a significant electro feel to the music, although there is a great balance between the energetic and the unhurried tempo. Bionic was an album that was influenced and inspired by her son and therefore some songs present a strong but subtle message. Some tracks on the album such as I Hate Boys, Vanity and My Girls have a very fun and cheeky element to them; possessing naughty lyrics and an electro-funk beat that could see young teenagers dancing to in clubs.

Specifically the song You Lost Me is a profoundly vocal and moving single. Christina Aguilera’s powerful voice manages to move audiences in the most reflective way through her incredible talent and skill. The lyrics are also very intimate (which were written by Sia Furler), reflective and inspired of her relationship with her son and ex-husband. The vocals and simplicity of the song will leave you breathless, one of the most beautiful songs on the album.



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