“Watershedding” for the stars

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By Megan Morris

The local Pop-Rock sensation, Watershed redefines the sound of acoustic edginess in their fourth released album Staring at the Ceiling. The album which effortlessly joins its predecessor?s long run of success, shares the feel-good rhythm of South African born talent.

Watershed doesn?t disappoint in this 2008 released album. Lead singer and songwriter Craig Hinds introduces a new found maturity in his songs Breathing, Train Ride and Future Sunshine to name just a few. The charm and melodramatic composition of his work is masterly captured in an intention to produce the real and the raw with a selection of rock and Jack Johnson.

The combination of acoustic guitar (played by Craig Hinds), drums (Peter Auret), bass (James Sunney) and keyboard (Hylton Brooker) mixed with the sexy shudder of Craig Hinds?s vocals simplifies their signature sound to produce an air of freshness to the popular music industry. The thought-provoking lyrics and acoustic rhythm impress not only their fan base but locals and internationals from teenage music guru?s to elders with edge.

Fans flock to support this ?major talent? particularly because each song tends to incorporate a positive energy, an organic rhythm that speaks into lives. However, the albums mono-dynamic selection of themes which tends toward people?s expectations, hopes and dreams incorporated nearly in every song dulls the end recordings. It is usually such a shame to skim past any one of Hind?s groups distinctive sounds of acoustic class and quality but only the first nine ?hit? songs make the cut.

Craig Hinds has produced one of his best albums yet thanks to his rare gift for song crafting, his tendency to be true to himself in his lyrics, and the impeccable musicianship and support from his fellow band members. The bands fast growing recognition and success derives from their ability to produce tracks that stand the test of time.

The Gauteng combo give the world their all in Staring at the ceiling and it doesn?t help but make one feel that they trying too hard at times. ?Less is always more? Watershed.

Watershed has the potential to top many more charts in the future and they are showing no sign of slowing down just recently having brought out their latest album A million faces consisting of their top 20 hits made in ten years. Join in supporting this local talent rise to the top. Their music is well worth it. 


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