Vampire Weekend – filled with love and happiness (( tags: vampire weekend, contra, holiday, taxi club, easy listening, playlist item))

Obscure grammatical references and African pop, has always been the icing on top for American indie rock band Vampire Weekend. Four friends, coming together to make music is the best way to put it. After graduating at Columbia, the four released the popular 2008 self titled debut capturing people?s hearts with their catchy guitar sequences. However, the band was meant for far greater means. Although their first album is by far the best, Contra is not far behind with its own quirks.

Contra was released in January 2010 and filled listeners with just over 30 minutes of melody, which are not meant to be forgotten. The sound is delicate and is tightly woven into vocalist Ezra Koening?s grace and bounce. The instrumentation is light and pretty, allowing for easy listening. ?Horchata? should be in your playlist by now. The first single released from the new album is perfect to show fans of their transition and change between the two albums. The song just as well could have been on their first album but it has a few tweaks. The song expresses their new found mix between African fun through use of marimbas and the new realm of electronic effect (which is found throughout the album).

Contra looks at a child of descendent family who leaves school and inherits the Earth. The title gives on the feel of backroom political deals, power and secret wars. The lyrical play in each song on the record leads one to think of images like ?the nation business?, ?AK in a yellow Day-Glo display?, and ?real aristocrats and diplomats sons? by the sea. ?Holiday?, leaves you with an energetic and sunny feeling, exactly the kind of feeling one gets on holiday in fact. It?s perfectly happy.

?Taxi club? sigh, one of the most beautiful songs on the record. There are delicate and light sounds which come from the keyboard and Ezra?s most sincere vocals. It?s a small turn down from the rest of the energetic and lively album. The band has truly learnt to play all their instruments to the fullest and they certainly sound like they are having fun.

?I think your a contra? the last song on the record deals with a girl Ezra can?t comprehend. It?s a metaphor for portraying a guy like himself that is in this world but not of this world. A soulful rebel. The worked sounds of classical, soft rock and instrumentals works well with the sweet rhythm and ability to move everyone. When listening to this song I felt like I was floating away, which is the perfect ending to this album.

The band has become more mature and everyone can hear and feel the boys growing up.

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