Tumelo’s “Arise and Shine”:

Tumelo?s music arrival was with a hip hop group called optical
illusion which they released 3 albums together, this time he is going
solo and bringing the vibe with a different genre, he?s debut album
will be released under soulistic which features 15 tracks, he worked
with the likes of Zakes Bantwini, black coffee and Culoe de song.


Tumelo?s first solo track that he wrote, performed and co-produced
titled you are is the which was featured on the compilation titled
expressions which was released under Outrageous records. It was this
track that caught black coffees attention and the two started working
together since 2005. The track was then remixed and released on Black
Coffee?s self titled debut album which a won a dance SAMA award.
Tumelo has been working on a lot of production and he worked with
do?s such as do Frank Roger, Dj Kabila, Dj miles, Sis n Jones on
their projects.


Tumelo is currently featured on Black Coffee?s latest album ?Home
Brewed? where he wrote and sang on the track ?Arise and Shine?.
Tumelo?s debut album is released under soulistic music with
productions by Zakes Bantwini, Black coffee and Culoe De Song. The
album is titled arise and shine and the first single ?My
confession? featuring Zano is currently the bets thing to hit the
airwaves and getting popular by the day.


Just by looking at the sleeve and it tells you all, as it is simple
and it shows that the album is al about the music, the album has
tracks that are inspirational but at the same time will make you get
off your seat and want to dance. There are no cheesy tracks in this
album as the lead single /my confessions/ which features Zano(hello),
what I noted about the song is the way the drums and the vocals are
arranged to make u want to dance but at the same time listen to the
track very well. From there you can?? not help but get lost with
such as /Bo Mme/ and /somandla /featuring Deborah Frasier. Tumelo
produced a track called //supermodel// where he features JR and he
worked with Vikter Duplaix. Tracks such as come /come with
me(/featuring and also produced by Zakes Bantwini) will impress the
ladies by your choice of music.


All in all the album has a well rounded off sound, the tracks flow
seamlessly into one another without jolting your ear, the album is
about the music. The album is in stores so make sure you get your
of Tumelo?s album ?Arise and Shine?


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