Touching Hearts

by Amy Jordyn Mortimer

One song has touched so many in such a short space of time, it is new and innovative with her obvious pure talent. A song that all people can relate to as it is a universal hurt but it is told in a new direct way. Jar of Hearts is the first step into what could be one of the most exquisite albums to be released in 2010. People are wondering and hoping for when her next album is to be released.

Singer, song-writer, pianist and guitarist Perri is taking the world by storm. Whilst learning piano, Perri would change the ends of the songs as she preferred the way she wrote them, showing how innovative she is from an early age, as well as picking up a guitar and teaching herself.

In today’s music, the genres have almost blended with all songs having the same beat and generally the music has become such a materialistic culture but with one song she has been able to bring back feeling and originality back into the music industry which was lacking this creativity. She does this through fusing the music of contemporary beats with an almost classical feel, people want more.

Bill Silva Management found her through home videos of her playing her original work like Tragedy that were placed on You Tube, she is now one of the fast growing artists. On October 5th she was VH1’s You Oughta Know Artistas after she had aired on the TV show – so you think you can dance – on June 30th 2010 as a backdrop to a piece which was choreographed by Stacey Tookey, the song made the piece memorable and she has now made herself a strong place in the music industry. The track sold 200, 000 downloads in three weeks, showing how quickly it has touched people. Already a tour has been organised for Perri where her dreams are already starting to come true as she will sing with one of her favourite artists Jason Mraz.

She has signed with the Atlantic Recording company and her debut album is said to be released in late fall. This new album is going to tackle the subject of love which is what she feels best able to write about, yet with her ominous words set with beautiful melodies. People around the world are waiting in anticipation for the album to be released, so we can hear some more heart-breaking magic.


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