Third time lucky

By Amy Campion

Lil Wayne‘s new album Tha Carter III is perhaps his best album yet, selling more than a million copies in the first week and outdoing Kanye West and T.I.’s much anticipated albums. Featuring tracks like Lollipop, Dr Carter and A Milli, all climbing to the top of the charts. The album had eight Grammy nominations and won four. With critics calling him the Kurt Cobain of rap, the man is a legend in the making.

Shoot me down” tells the story of the man behind the name, the lyrics providing an insight into the mind of the rapper. Lil Wayne is known for never writing his lyrics down, simply rapping as they come to him, a talent that is rare in today’s’ pop culture. After artists like Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z creating rap to please the public rather than contribute something meaningful to the genre, Lil Wayne sees himself as the “saviour of hip hop”.

He has however, collaborated with many of these artists in this album, such as Kanye West, Jay-Z and others like David Banner resulting in a diverse set of songs, from Lollipop– a club favourite, to the more soothing, Tie my hands.

Tha Carter I put him on the map, Tha Carter II put him among the elite rappers of our time, but it is this album, Tha Carter III that has made Lil Wayne into an icon. Considering that his career started at the young age of twelve, the success of this album is well earned, and has brought him closer to proving to the world that he just may be “the best rapper alive”.

The only problem with this album however, is that in trying to be serious, Lil Wayne loses an element of his music which is something of a trademark of his; fun. The lack of a compelling life story means that his serious tracks are not as good as some of the others on this album. The fact that he has been signed since the age of twelve means that he does not have the signature rags to riches story of most rappers, ironically making it harder for him to compete with them.

However, it is his biggest success yet, definitely worth a listen, as said by Lil Wayne himself; “this is history in the making”.


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