The Rising Sun

By Tegan Scales

The, what I would like to call, not-so-heavy-metal rock band, the Kings of Leon have made a plausible come back into the limelight since the releasing of their last album in 2008, Only By the Night  with their latest and in my opinion, most mature album to date Come Around Sundown.                
With the absolute success of their last album, Only By the Night, the Kings of Leon had their standards set for them selling more than 6.2 million copies is certainly something to be proud of and now the rock lovers of the world wait in anticipation to see if this will be the alternative rock band’s downfall or if it is just another stepping stone on their pathway to fortune and worldwide success.

The album cover exudes a picturesque scene of the stillness and unexplainable amazement of the ocean side at sunset. It truly directs your mind to a time in your life where youth and innocence were of age and the only worry you ever had was what you will be having for dinner that evening. The album cover perfectly depicts serenity and the little place we like to call

The album starts off with a captivating track called The End. The introduction grabs your attention with its hard rock drumming whilst it soothes the mind with its riveting lyrics. It surely is one to listen to when driving back home from a hard day’s work whilst stuck in traffic.

Another likable track is Birthday, as this is the one track on the album that radiates the rock band’s natural born talents of drumming and especially guitar work. This is a song that everyone can relate to, as memories of your own birthday party come flooding back as lead singer, Caleb Followill , sings about his love’s birthday party.

However, there is always that one track that instills a burst of spontaneity and energy in you, causing you to jump around while playing air guitar and that would be my personal favourite, No Money. It is upbeat and instead of having to hear yet another song about love and heartbreak, this particular track will ease your mind from that stereotypical sound we often hear coming from singers, despite their genre.      

Aside from the fact that this latest album from the Kings of Leon shows how the band has grown and found their unique style, its content might have to simply contend with previously successful Kings of Leon tracks like Sex on Fire and Use Somebody as something to compare themselves with. However, all Kings of Leon lovers will praise their efforts for this album and will patriotically make it a smashing success.

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