The New Folks in Town

by Shannon Hucklesby


“If there’s a band that stands for everything you want to be then there must be something right,” says Ben Lovett. He is of course, referring to the relatively new band Mumford and Sons which will have you drawn in immediately by the rare use of  attention-grabbing banjos as the lead instrument in most of their fascinating songs off their latest album “sigh no more”.

Mumford and sons, a very popular European band, came onto the music scene in 2007 and immediately displayed their authenticity in regard s to British Folk Rock Music. The band consisting of four members; Marcus Mumford, “Country” Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane make use of many different instruments such as the guitar, banjo, string bass, drums, mandolin, organ,dobro, keyboards and accordion. With a combination of these instruments Mumford and sons have begun to compete strongly against the commercial music of the 21st century which is displayed in their ranking of their first single, “little lion man”, off their latest album at number one on the Billboard Top 100 charts as well as the album being placed at number one (now ranked at number three) and staying on the charts for 35 weeks, an outstanding achievement for any artist!

The unique combination of the many instruments provides a sense of emotion that accompanies the distinctive melodies within each song. The latest single “White Blank Page” is a perfect example of this technique. The intensity of the lyrics sung by Marcus Mumford aligned with the powering sound of Country Winstons banjo is a combination that could not have possibly been more accurate. The harmonies created in this song leave anyone who has listened to it with a sense of emotion that only they are able to describe. Many songs on this album have the power to draw emotion from the listener but with lyrics such as

“And my head told my heart

Let love grow

But my heart told my head

This time no

This time no how could it not?

After the success of their album which was released in the UK in October 2009, it is surprising how modest the band remains and how honest they are which is exposed through their music and further enforced by Lovett saying, “It’s surreal to think that we could be doing this for a while. We just love playing music and playing our songs”


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