“Super Freaks”

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by Kirsten Templar

In French, sister-act, CocoRosie?s third album, The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, the duo?s self-proclaimed freakfolk, genre-bending sound is taken just that step further; their staple eerie and bizarre tones concluding in a well polished release.
This time around, sisters, you-guessed-it, Bianca ?Coco? and Sierra ?Rosie? produce a fluid album, infused with electronically based instruments and beats, focusing more so on hip-hop foundations, than in their previous albums. Their lyrics and sound is unpredictable; one minute Bianca will be crooning away as what could easily mistake for an angel, when Sierra, with her trademark ?rapping?, seen in the almost cringey lyrics of the haunting favourite, Rainbowarriors.
The album opens up on Werewolf, the lines, ?In my dreams, I was a werewolf?, and it is with Sierra?s almost child-like rapping, that a constant ?CocoRosie? sound is maintained. They re-create ambient rap and by god, they do it well! Images of little girls running through a field, of Japan and werewolfs, of rollercoasters and sunshine are conjured, created in the wizardly of the pair?s almost too-simple, lyrics: ?Rainbow love awaits us/ with hearts of love and tears? (Rainbowarriors).
Musically speaking, The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn is folk-oriented, amidst a bed of strings, horns and stylophones; it?s the additional waves of organ, beatboxing and rattly guitar that, along with the girls? wild stage prescence of cabaret style makeup and costume, contributes to the duo?s Bohemian magnificence.
If there were to be any criticism of The Adventures, it would be the fact that sometimes, no matter how ?artsy? or cute the music really is, it does begin to become a little overbearing; thoughts of being stuck in a jumble sale or dusty attic are conjured, although this perhaps, once more, adds to the unpredictable nature of their music. One can at least say that you would find it really hard to be bored listening to CR. 
In an honest assessment of The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, I find it hard to criticize the hand-crafted, more-complex-than-ever third album. They seem to delve into an even darker, more eerie and almost supernatural territory with each release and it with this album that the tales of the sisters? nomadic upbringing and lifestyle are told. If you?re tired of living underneath that rock, tired of listening to your mother?s music through the walls or are just really curious to see whether the tinkling, fairylike sounds of CocoRosie are for you, please do yourself a favour, and give this album a listen.


Track Listing:
1.     “Rainbowarriors” – 3:55
2.     “Promise” – 3:37
3.     “Bloody Twins” – 1:37
4.     “Japan” – 5:02
5.     “Sunshine” – 2:58
6.     “Black Poppies” – 2:37
7.     “Werewolf” – 4:50
8.     “Animals” – 6:02
9.     “Houses” – 2:56
10.“Raphael” – 2:48
11.“Girl and the Geese” – 0:46
12.“Miracle” – 3:35

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One thought on ““Super Freaks”

  1. True, the album does have the potential to be "overbearing" – however, what inspires the content is just that. They’re dealing with heavy stuff such as death, divorce, etc – that resulted in them being separated from each other for several years. But I do doubt that it conjures up "thoughts of being stuck in a jumble sale or dusty attic" . I would rather think of their music as inspiring the building of a fort, as if you were 5 again, living in it, and sticking leaves up on your walls. Well, at least that’s what I did when I first heard it.

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