Success: The Parlotones’s Galaxy ((The Parlotones, Indie Rock, Stardust Galaxies, Kahn Morbee, Episoda, Universal Music, Freshly Ground, South African rock))

Ever since listening to their 2003 album Episoda, I have never quite liked The Parlotones. Their lyrics made no sense, the choruses were nothing more than a repetition of the song titles, their musical instruments seemed to be limited to guitars only, and they seemed to be a cross between Folk music and an attempt at Rock.

There have always been three types of musicians: those who succeed without trying, those who try but never succeed, and those who should have never tried. The Parlotones fell under the third grouping. It wasn?t just ?A long way home? (Episoda, 2003) for them, but a long way to the top. After the 2003 disaster of an album, they were dead to me -musically. I did, however, continue to ?follow? them (I had no choice, they were all over television screens and magazines) as they signed a licence deal with Universal Music in 2005, becoming internationally acclaimed Rock stars.

In the five years following 2003, they released seven more albums which people seemed to more than like. It didn?t make sense to me. In my opinion, they were bad musicians who pulled off the Indie Rock look by wearing jeans that were too tight, too much red, and an unnecessary amount of eyeliner. As The Parlotones kept topping international charts with songs like ?RadioControlledRobot? and ?Dragonflies and Astronauts?, I was assured that music listeners had gone both deaf and, well, deaf.

After hearing ?Push Me To The Floor? on every radio station and television show this year, however, I reluctantly decided to give them another chance. It was the best decision I have ever made. Stardust Galaxies is certainly one of the best Alternative/ Indie Rock albums the world has heard in a while. Each of the 12 songs complements the others while making a statement of its own. If one listens to the lyrics, one can hear the sincerity and conscious conscience that only bands like Greenday and Coldplay have been able to offer Rock fanatics. There is an almost celestial balance between Kahn Morbee s vocals, Paul and Glenn Hodgsons guitars and Neill Pauws drums. While the whole album is a force to be reckoned with, two specific tracks are works of genius: ?Remember When? and ?Stardust Galaxies? (featuring Freshly Ground).

The Parlotones have truly redeemed themselves and proven themselves worthy of the platinum certification that Stardust Galaxies has received internationally.


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