Stars beyond Stardust Galaxies…

By – Vuyolwethu Mpako

Whoever said that local musicians and their music would fizzle and
dry out under the spot light was clearly mistaken. The Parlotones
[1]have proved to be beyond the normal retrospect of local music
bands. They have breached international sales boundaries as they have
touched people?s hearts and ears with their music. Their fashion of
comprehensive sounds including their make-up and onstage energy at
concerts, as the beats complement the romance embedded lyrics, has
become very well known across music lovers of all ages.

The group is made up of four members, the lead singer and rhythm
guitarist – Kahn Morbee, Paul Hodgson who is the band?s lead
guitarist and keyboard player, Neil Pauw their drummer and Glen
Hodgson on the bass guitar and keys, he is also the band?s pianist
and he does the backing vocals as well.

The Parlotones have been making music since 2003 when they release
their debut album, /Episoda/. They are currently signed under the
Sovereign Entertainment record label. In 2005 they released
/Radiocontrolledrobot/, in just less than two years
/Radiocontrolledrobot/ reached gold status. In 2007 their third
/A World next Door To Yours/ was certified Platinum in less than a
year. Between albums they have released Ep?s which have been well
received by the fans. In South Africa alone The Parlotones have sold
over 300 000 albums and more than 100 000 concert tickets.

The group is currently on their biggest international tour to date
promoting their album that was released in 2009 ? /Stardust
Galaxies/. This album has proved to be another fail proof recipe with
songs such as /Push Me to the Floor/ and /Life design/. The title
track of the album, which happens to be last, features the ever so
lovely Zolani Mahola of the South African afro-pop group Freshly

The /Stardust Galaxies/ album has a total of 12 songs on it and
listeners everywhere have been appreciating the melodious lyrics that
seem to be in contrast with the very idea of what Indie Rock bands
should sound like. The Parlotones are not your average group, they
have managed to take South Africa over by storm and now they are
to do the same to the rest of the world one tour concert at a time.

The future of the Parlotones seems to be very bright indeed as they
are now turning their hit song titles into red and white wines. One
may ask what this means for the fans who love the music so dearly and
the answer is simply, they are now able to get it bottled on shelves
in various blends.

The Parlotones who continue to make good music are currently touring
through Europe. South African fans can expect to enjoy good music
the band passes through home ground next month with four concerts
only. These concerts will be at Barnyard Theatre Menlyn in Pretoria
and Lake Umuzi in Secunda on November, 17and 19 respectively with two
concerts at Barnyard Theatre Cresta in Johannesburg on the 14th and
15th in the same month. Sorry Cape Town, the kfc-parlotones snack box
will just have to do.



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