Some More Scissors Sisters ,

By Courtney De Barros

The Scissor Sisters third album is already a chart climbing success largely due to their catchy first single, Fire with Fire.

The band consists of two vocalists Jake Shears and Ana Matronic, lead guitarist Del Marquis, multi-instrumentalist Babydaddy and Randy Real on drums replacing Paddy Boom. The New-York inspired band stepped onto the scene in 2001 with their distinct formula of glam rock, pop and electronic. In 2003 the band released their debut album Comfortable Numb with their second Ta-Dah to follow in 2005. Both albums saw the disco distinct flair with songs filthy/gorgeous and I don’t feel like dancin propelling them to success.

The bands new album Night Work is the third to date with the first 12 tracks not deviating much from the usual mix up which is good news for long-term fans. However there is some criticism that has arisen over what some might describe as the mismatched, repetitive, high pitched disco beast of the 70s. Lacking in emotional range coupled with shallow lyrics many have failed to see the softer side in the new album that were brought alive by previous tacks such as Can’t Come Quickly enough and Laura.

Once again though the album does remind listeners of what they loved about the band in the first place. The single Fire to Fire sets the tone for the album with a huge chorus that settles into a ballad-like tone only to explode into a fiery dance number with the second chorus jumping out to grab throwing you straight back into the mix. This single is by far the most commercial however, its sense of quirkiness is not lost becoming a favourite for both die hard followers as well as first time listeners.

Apart from the Nigh Work’s catchy tunes their music content speaks much about the band as the tackle homosexuality, drugs and all round night life in the big city. The ballad Skin Tight deals with the use of condoms and intimacy and the track Sex and Violence takes a look at the impulse to indulge with random acts of sex with destructive consequences.

The album explores the craving for night life as a means to finding an identity amongst a faceless community. The Scissors Sisters tackle all of this with an overwhelming sense of color and vibrancy that gives the album a bitter-sweet feel that we love.



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