Revolt in Music. Black Keys


Tim Stewart

To most the name black keys represents the ebony half notes on the keyboard of a piano, this misconception should be corrected. The piano must relinquish all rights to the ownership of this term. The reason you might enquire? Allow me to steal a moment of your time and you’ll realise that in the here and now The Black Key’s new album brothers is capable of inducing delirium of ears, euphoria and delusional, psychotic dancing.

The raw bluesy chords that reverb against the norms of this day and age have totally blown through the haze that defines modern popular music and has brought many people back to the essence of musical ecstasy: the pure enjoyment of the artist’s ability to blow a listeners mind.  The release of their latest single Tighten Up is spreading mass hysteria around the world, especially on youtube. It is easy to liken them to a highly contagious virus rigorously contaminating our airwaves and YouTube. The originality of their music and bluesy, heartbreaking concepts are sure to bring them plenty of attention.


To get down to the new album and to make a proper assessment of this revolutionary music would be slightly unfair. No words could justify these highly contentious viewpoints if they were not substantiated by hard evidence. The band sold over 73,0000 albums within the first week of it’s release which was on March the 2nd 2010. The most exciting aspect of these radical dudes is the  vast authenticity that they are able to conjure up in this postmodern catastrophe that the world is experiencing currently.

As noted earlier the diversity of this music could revolutionize the world as we know it. Black Keys are non intrusive musicians. They do not demand a cult following as most other genres have notoriously demanded in order to be successful and this is possibly one of the most liberating aspects of their music besides their obvious musical intuition.

In an honest assessment of their music it would be hard to criticize this album. They truly capture the aesthetics behind a very abstract time. Tracks to look out for are Tighten up (Obviously), Everlasting Light and Howlin’ For You. Giving these chaps a go is a must for every music lover. Take the plunge!


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