Pendulum, revolutionising drum & bass

 Pendulum, revolutionising drum & bass

By Debbie Potgieter


            Pendulum, a unique band originating from Australia, recently released their third and undoubtedly their greatest studio album, ‘Immersion’. Pendulum infuses genres such as alternative rock, drum & bass, heavy metal and electro to create exceptional music that appeals to a broad audience. Headed by producer, lead vocalist and guitarist Rob Swire, Pendumlum have been rocking out since 2002. Their first albums were predominately drum & bass, but they progressed to incorporate more genres in their music. Pendulum makes use of conventional instruments that are heavily synthesized enabling them to play live concerts where as other drum & bass bands are unable to do so. Their third studio album, namely ‘Immersion’, comes after the critically acclaimed ‘In Silico’ featuring the smash hit, ‘The Tempest’.

            ‘Immersion’ features fifteen tracks intertwined with the theme of submersion in water. This is engulfed in the backbone of each track, plunging the listener into an intricate journey through the beautifully fabricated Pendulum world, from the first to the last track.

Watercolour is the more commercial song on the album that combines that of alternative rock and drum & bass. Watercolour begins with a heartbeat and gradually builds up to the crescendo of Swire’s voice in perfect harmony with a piano. This alternative setting gradually transforms into an explosion of drum & bass in the chorus. This song, along with the rest of the album, show Pendulum’s firm grasp of their drum & bass roots.

            Immersion provides a two part indulgence into ‘The Island’ from ‘Dusk’ to ‘Dawn’. ‘Dusk’ begins with a subtle keyboard beat which evolves into a silent breath followed by a swell drum beats. This plays out into a catchy alternative tune accompanied by Rob Swire’s passionate expression of each lyric. This song fades out and slowly ‘Dawn’ rises with a similar introduction that explodes into a futuristic emulsion of complicated keyboard sounds. This leads to the ultimate crescendo with Swire’s promise to ‘take you there’. ‘Dawn’ is undoubtedly the Pendulum’s best single and perfect example of their diverse musical capabilities.

      Despite the fact that this new album is more commercialized compared to their previous ones, they do not stray from the genre of drum & bass. Instead Pendulum incorporates this genre to appeal to the commercial musical market. This album provides material that can be appreciated and even loved by that of old and new listeners


One thought on “Pendulum, revolutionising drum & bass

  1. Only discovered the awesomeness that is this band this year… They always amaze me and never cease to get me on the dancefloor… A++!

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