Parow Arrow in Right Direction


contby Anje Smit (post & photos)

 “Hello, my name is Jack Parow. I like Afrikaans. I like rap. Nevertheless, rap is boring and is full of people who don’t know what they’re doing. I am here to show all of those people how to rap properly.” Zander Tyler,Capetonian , Parow arrow, revolutionary, mindblowing rapstar, better known as Jack Parow.

Parow reckons that since the days of Snoop Dog’s album Doggystyle and Dr Seuss he has aspired to make his contribution to the Afrikaans phenomenon of “coolness”. This South African Eminem, has left his mark by delivering fresh, true and knee bending music  to the music industry.  He is well known for his contribution to the song Die Vraagstuk with Die Heuwels Fantasties, which he also performed at Oppikoppi 2009.

 Like most artist in South Africa Jack started out rapping in English, but he soon decided that rapping in Afrikaans would be better for his future career. After working with the famous group Brasse Vannie Kaap he realised that there was a big gap in the market for an Afrikaans rapper. This rough, take-no-nonsense artist likes to take his lyrics to the next level by speaking his mind in his mother tongue. His sharp tongue and sense of humour has earned him critical acclaim in his few years of performing. Parow’s song Cooler as Ekke has gained a large amount of popularity in South Africa and so has the song Die Vraagstuk, which he produced with Die Heuwels Fantasties. He is well known for his contribution and collaboration with Die Antwoord and Fokofpolisiekar in their songs Wat Pomp and Doos Dronk, and of course his large selection of enormous caps.

There has not been an influential artist like this in the Afrikaans music industry since the days of Voëlvry movement with Koos Kombuis and Johannes Kerkorrel. He is introducing the world to yet another revolutionary movement in Afrikaans music and proves to be “a flash drive” and no “floppy”. He describes his music as “Posh, but yet the opposite of Posh”, like Die Antwoord would say “Zef so fest, Zef’s the ultimate style.”

“My name is Jack Parow, romantic Afrikaans superstar rapper. Kief Kief”

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