No ordinary Goldfish

Ever wanted to play multiple instruments? David Poole and Dominic
Peters[1] beat you too it. Mixing jazz[2] into deep house they are
definitely one of South Africa?s greatest musician duos.

The Goldfish[1]duo was locked up for 6 months mastering the ten new
tracks on their new album- get busy living. ?It was fun times with
only a few sneaky board meetings here and there? according to an
interview taken by bomb surf.[3]

Goldfish?s third album was released earlier last month. The new songs
taking a radio friendly vibe, unlike their first studio album caught
in the loop. Songs from the first album were edited for radio. The
radio version of get busy living is the same as the one on the cd just

The first track that was realised for radio was also called get busy
living. Elements in the song include the saxophone, upright bass loops
and samplers. The song is being met with great praise in the South
African community.[4]

The first track on the CD is called crunchy joe. The song, featuring
Sakhile Moleshe local singer, starts with a very fresh piano loop
before moving to a well synthesised beat. The track is my favourite
because the beat is moving and can get even heavy jazz cats to move on
the dance floor.

One thing is for sure this album is goldfish. Make no mistake about it
they pulled all the stops for this one. The album has the sound we
have come to expect from the South African greats. As they get a
bigger fan base they do not change their sound and they way they move
a crowd.

Call me is a song featuring Monique Hellenberg beautiful voice but I
must say is the only song I dislike on the album. I feel it is too
slow and does not keep up with the precedence set by the other tracks.
The synthesisers[5] crash with the lyrics not really syncing. It feels
as if the beat is competing with the lyrics.

Gold fish will tour their new album around the coast soon and will
hopefully, according to their website, be booked at a South African
new years party.

Usually live gold fish encompass all genre?s moving from deep house[6]
to jazz, Making the greats in both fields feel proud. This is shown in
their new album as they incorporate masterful beats with slick rhythms.


Video by Mark Chipps of Goosebump Productions


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