Musical Soldier

By Nothemba Mkhondo

After a decade of silence, Sade is back with her sixth studio album, Soldier of Love, a strong, compassionate and multifaceted work of art that takes her listeners on a journey of love and strength and surviving losing both.

Released in February this year, Soldier of Love, is a matured album for any taste, a gem on the music industry’s latest assembly line of mass produced music. The first single off of the album, which takes the album title, Soldier of Love, put Sade back on the charts for the first time in ten years. A song of identity and strength, in line with the message of the entire album.

An album with a diverse sound, Soldier of Love, goes from smooth sax, in In another time, to soft piano keys in Morning bird, and dominating and powerful sonic beats in Soldier of love. Each track is spiced with a unique sound and laced with Sade’s signature voice, pulling through her meaningful lyrics.

Sade has proved with this album she is a musical soldier, after a 25 year career, she is still an artist of her craft. She has pulled through the times and stayed not only relevant but original. Ten years after her last album, Lovers Rock, Sade has grown as an artist and a band. Moving away from the styling of her previous album, Sade remains a goddess of love but pulls off expressing herself in a new and ambitious way.

Nigerian born, Helen Folasade Adu, namely, Sade, grew up listening to American soul music and only started singing after university. This then took her on a tour where she learned under the wing of Pride and needless to say, this was the making of a musical great. Her first solo single, Your love is king, took her straight to the top and this is where we can still find her now.

Singer, songwriter, band member and mother, Sade took the time needed to develop as a person and artist. With this being her sixth studio album to date, the band has stuck together and grown as a unit while acquiring the experiences that inspire Sade?s music and powerful lyrics. 

Soldier of Love is a powerful statement of love and strength and proves Sade to not only be a goddess of love but now a soldier of the industry and of our hearts.


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