MJ: released in the afterlife

By Nikita Dahya

A year after Michael Jackson’s death and fans are still hording music stores for his greatest albums. On earth Michael Jackson was a living legend, now in his afterlife he is still fêted as the king of pop, with over 9-million albums sold in the last year.

Michael Jackson fans will be thrilled to greet the arrival of his new album which will be released in November this year. The album is a selection of Michael Jackson’s unreleased songs, many of which are decades old dating back to Thriller.

According to Michael Jacksons producers, the King of pop did not leave his fans empty handed. His producers signed a $250-million deal with Sony to release 100 of Michael Jackson’s songs; the first album is a selection of ten songs.

Bursting with curiosity, I listened in on a sneak preview of a few of his compositions. The Unreleased album fashions a different flavour into Michael Jackson’s legendary music. Unlike his other albums, this one is sombre and if possible, smoother than before.

A few of his unreleased songs include fall again which is a passionate solo. It leaves you with a craving numbness of love and an eternity of intimacy. A picturesque and starry-eyed face of Michael is revealed in this song, through the beating of drums and his pulsating heart. The next song is called someone put your hand out. This song gives you the feeling that many of Michael?s songs undoubtedly do. It pulls at your heart strings and sketches a portrait of a yearning love.  My personal new favourite is an upbeat love song called work your body mystery girl.

With a voice that moves feet and words that stir emotions into a web of idolization, unreleased is a flawless love album. And a definite must add to your Michael Jackson collection. With a twist in panache and a modern loom to his music, Michael Jackson aficionados are going to receive his new album with bottomless affection.

The final pieces of Michael Jacksons music is to be released through the unreleased lexis of a solitary career. Fans will soon be able to appreciate a delicate farewell from the king himself from his 100 unreleased harmonies. Even in his afterlife, Michael Jackson will have us walking the moon to keep his angelic voice alive.


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