Legacy still lives on

The Beatles’ Revolver was released in August 1966. This psychedelic good feel album was put out at the prime of the Beatles era. The lyrics are written with passion and with a sense of confidence that bordered on arrogance. They took the bubble that was pop music and popped it with the sharp and fast off the rails tunes of Rubber soul and HELP!

While soft puffing noises could be heard in the background of Girl to the LSD high of She Said She Said this album covers the range of drug induced music. It was also an album of firsts that included the backwards guitar solo from George and Indian version of Love You To. While breaking into new frontiers that lead the way for new Pop music and drug taking the song Yellow Submarine trumped them all.

This song that was inspired by an acid trip that both John and George experienced, where George thought that his house was a yellow submarine, is leagues ahead of its time. The fact that they made Ringo lead sing it probably means that they were still high during the production of the song but it adds a sense of authenticity to the song that could not have been captured by the George or John.

Looking back at this album during the ‘Golden Age’ of rock music in the 60’s, perfectly reflects the rebellion against the restrictions of the time. The Beatles went from a care free bunch to a new more deep thinking which in turn brought about a more meaningful but also new side to their music. The gateway for this come from the album Revolver which bridged the gap between their older music into the future albums of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the White album.

Mainstream Got To Get You Into My life, Good Day Sunshine, Eleanor Rigby and Your Bird Can Sing are songs that represent the sheer class. This somewhat timeless album reaches its climax with Yellow Submarine and will always be in our hearts with For No-One.


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