khuli is Still Freshe

Artist: Khuli Chana
Album Title: The MotswakOriginator
Genre: Hip Hop
Date of release: 2009

The MotswakOriginator is a debut studio album from Khuli Chana ? an upcoming and focused young local artist. Octave Couplet’s Don Juan, famous for his light acoustic bass and mellow beats, produces most of the tracks; this has enabled the full succession of Chanas soft rapping to take center stage. There is a long list of accomplished artistry that went into production including Ishmael Ish Morabe, IV League, Towdee Mac and Jazzworx

 In this piece of pure genius Khuli has worked with members of Morafe also including some local hip hop and raggae flavour in the likes JR, Bongo Riot, Mpoza, Kay-G, Jon Jaz and Tarmasha. The album is themed around the central idea of swagger; he uses the theme sharply and to great effect in this album.

Chana is by far one of the most stylish and original vernacular rappers in South Africa from back in days as a member of the group Morafe. Individually, he has scooped up Song of the Year award at the 2010 Hype Music Awards and won his most celebrated award as the Best New Comer at the 2009 Channel O Music Awards. Khuli was nominated in the Best Rap Album category at the 2010 South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

In the process of working towards a sound that any radio DJ should be proud to play, Chana delivers an album based on producing clear, smooth, ear friendly tracks in his album. Some of the tracks that one cannot get enough off include hit single, Freshe, Konka, Dintshang and Tswakstikem all sticking to the theme (swagger) while using various musical keys and instruments. His music is focused and has an objective; this album establishes him as a force to be reckoned with in this industry. His rhyme/lyrical bars flow and make sense; it is not a common phenomenon that an artist maintains respectable language while still appealing to the hip-hop lover inside kwaito listener and this album seeks to do that. The use of extensive vernacular language will make it hard for the album to appeal to everyone but the chorus will, no matter what language all the tracks will get anyone singing along in their car too and from work.

His lyrical genius is shown largely in his attempt to do his bit for humanity with the tracks No more hunger part 1 and No more hunger part 2. These tracks have already been put on the list for the Action Aid South Africa’s Hunger Free Campaign music compilation featuring artists from several African countries.

MotswakOrignator is by far the most impressive album to come out in 2009 locally. This can all be traced back to the artists great ability with language whilst also making it available to all who have an ear for the real sound of hip-hop. Pump up the volume and sing along this album is just that good.

Cover: 2/5 | Sound: 5/5 | I like it factor: 9/10
khuli chana -freshe

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