Jezabel the new anthem

By siphokazi Qokela
Jezebel is not just another hit song by the Durban boys but rather a song that will have you going down on the dance floor. This is the latest offering by Professor and Oskido is sure to have everyone dancing the night away this festive season.
The member of Durban Finesse?s song is currently waving in the top 100 charts with Jezebel being the club anthem it is sure to stay there. It is currently one of the biggest played songs on radio.
Professor is not new in the business of making people dance to his tune in the past few years he has been doing it and causing a stir in the music industry especially during the festive season. He is recently featured on Oskido’s I Believe and Mahoota VS Vetkuk’s Bayethe. This is on top of appearing on Spikiri Current, Alaska’s Fokol, Shiy’ Iscefe by Brothers of Peace, Woz’ eDurban with Tzozo and many other hit songs that I happened to miss along the way.
He has offered yet another too hot to handle album entitled the University of Kalawa Jazmee. This album produced by Mono T, Nevy, Oskido, Bobstar, Shana’s Demor and Shota.It features the big names such as Oskido, Tira, Speedy, Alaska’s Picat, Selwyn, and his brother, Characta.
Also trying to make its mark in the album is the track Imoto featuring Characta this song has been sneaking its way to the billboards and waving its way to the top. You might also find your dancing to My Children which is another dance along song in the album. There?s also another vibey and melodious song I Swear featuring Demor is a relentless cut that will rock your boots. This has to be the best enticingly sexy kwaito song of all time. Most R&B songs would play second fiddle against this song in getting their point home.
The Forthright Toyi Toyi featuring Oskido and Picat is a powerful track that encourages respect for women. With three distinct delivery styles that are just to die for, this is an important classic kwaito hit in waiting.
Professor’s vocal prowess seems to have rubbed of on hip-hop star Selwyn who helps produce the fascinating track How Dare You. Also check out Ungang Didisi featuring Tira, Sthandwa Sam featuring Shota and the groovy Baby done with Characta.
Be sure to check this killer album by this Durban boy.


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