Is This It?
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by Anisha Lutchman

During his phenomenal career, Michael Jackson who was more famously known as the King of Pop sold more than 750 million records worldwide. He was one of the most extraordinary entertainers of all time and he had a significant impact on pop music as well as the music industry as a whole.

He produced five solo albums ? Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory all of which are among the top-sellers around the world. At the time of his sudden death in he was preparing for a string of 10 concerts at London?s 02 Arena. This would have been his first live performance in eight years and it would have also marked the 25th anniversary of his album ?Thriller? which is still currently his best-selling album.

Jackson?s latest This Is It is a posthumous album that was internationally released by Epic Records on the 26th of October 2009. This album would have been his sixth one and consists of a double disk compilation by Jackson. The second disk also contains some unreleased material including a poem which is titled Planet Earth.

The cancellation of his 10 concerts left thousands of eager fans disappointed. However, This Is It is aimed at providing Michael Jackson fans as well as music lovers all around the world some of his work that has never been heard before. The album contains six unreleased recordings and it also features many of his greatest hits in their original mastered version such as The Way You Make Me Feel, Thriller, and Black or White.  

The album was released in order to coincide with the theatrical performance of This Is It as well as give Jackson?s fans a glimpse of his comeback concerts would have been like. The album was rated number 11 in Finland and managed to top charts in 10 other nations. It has also been certified Gold, Platinum and twice-Platinum in numerous countries. Thus far 7 million copies of This Is It have been sold world-wide.

Although there have been mixed reactions from fans across the world, Jackson will still be remembered as the King of Pop. Many have criticised the fact that the album was not released in order to pay tribute to Jackson and that it was merely an attempt to make more money. I certainly believe that he will remain an iconic figure in the music industry and that this album portrays some of his greatest works.


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